Nickelsville First Baptist Church

Boomers and Empty Nesters

Class Description:       Our class is somewhat difficult to describe in a few words and is a bit more diverse than the name implies. The age range of our group is typically mid 40’s to mid 80’s, who have lifetimes of experience and have often walked with Christ for many years. Our class setting is enriched by the perspective and understanding that our members freely share concern-ing the issues we face in life and how we might better serve the cause of Christ.

Teachers:   Danny Dixon & Larry Culbertson

Location:  Room #1 located in the Ministry Center which is across the street from our main church building. We invite anyone with a passion for understanding and a willingness to openly discuss important Christian principles to join us.

Curriculum:  We use Life Values literature provided by LifeWay, which equips adults in the baby boomer generation to put into practice practical values developed from the Bible. In addition, our classroom experiences are heavily supplemented by contributions from those within our class setting as well as information from a variety of other sources.

Guiding Principle:   Our guiding principle is that “God isn’t through with us and that we have much more to learn and contribute to His work.”


Our Philosophy: “Together all of us know more than any one of us.” Our approach is a collaborative study that focuses on the many issues we face in these stages of our Christian lives.