Nickelsville First Baptist Church

Faithful Followers

Class Description:       We are a diverse group of adults with varying ages. Come visit and see if this is the class for you. We think you will enjoy the “Through the Bible Class” if your desire is to grow in your knowledge of God (The Father) (The Son) and (The Holy Spirit).

Teachers:  Thomas Hillman, Karianne Counts, & Eddie Gibson

Location:     Church Sanctuary

Curriculum:   We use Explore the Bible curriculum provided by LifeWay which is an in-depth, expository Bible study series built to lead adult Sunday School members through major biblical themes and truths in weekly Scripture passages, personal study, and life application. The 13-week format allows the time to dig into the depths and apply key truths of each book, while keeping the group on pace to study through the entire Bible in eight years. This is a class wherein you can enroll at any time because the themes change as the books of the bible are completed.

Focus:   God’s Word is solely His – inspired by Him and penned for us through the the people He chose for that purpose.  His accounts of the godly and the worldly are in His Word for us to learn and grow. As such, we see the way He worked with people then and the way He will work with us now. We also study the teachings and the example of Jesus Christ which was the reason for Him coming to live among the people of the earth and with us today.

Open Invitation:    We invite you to come and visit with us and see if this is a class and study for you. If not, we will be glad to help you find one that is.